Today, there are already mobility platforms that, based on a distributed computing process, serve the most diverse business areas
In today’s cloud computing model, state-of-the-art servers and data centers are available to meet the most diverse market demands, thus ensuring the best availability and scalability of solutions. Actually, that’s what happens on the SERVER side. But on the CLIENT side, we have mobile applications that drag data through a very limited communication channel – the Internet.

When talking about Internet access through mobile telephony, we speak, at best, of LTE and 4G, which guarantee fast access to the Internet. But can we have that access in every corner of the country? In the capitals of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and others, how many times do we not find a very high response time to download an e-mail or a message, this is a reality and, in the coming years, we will have improvements , but still be limited.

In this way, we ask ourselves: why request resources from the cloud through a limited channel if we have smartphones and tablets with the latest technology capable of storing and processing Gigabytes of information locally?
Today, there are already mobility platforms that, based on a distributed computing process, serve the most diverse business areas (sales, commercial marketing and field services), causing only relevant information to the requesting user to be trafficked. In this way, operations and complex scenarios can be supported with maximum performance through the concept we call Mobile Cloud.

How does the Cloud Cloud work?

– In the first access, the user downloads all the information relevant to the mobile device. Example: customer portfolio, visit script, customer data, credit limit, products, inventory, prices and payment conditions relevant to this portfolio.

– All information is stored and available on the mobile device, there is no need for Internet connectivity, and also provides quick access to information.

– Only the data that changed the device or the server is trafficked, either through data synchronization or sending, where the server notifies the cell that there is information available to be trafficked (differential method).
With the Mobile Cloud concept, several business processes are provided, such as:

– Sales processes:

– Traditional pre-sale channel

– Modern pre-sales channel

– OrderTacking

– Van-sales

– Commercial marketing

– Field Service Processes:

– Management of Field Technicians

– Engineering Project Management – GIS Mobile (Utilities)

– Audit of stores (retail sale)

– Maintenance and Asset Management. (Retail and banks)

Nowadays, many solutions are already available for companies, the important thing is to find and find what best suits your needs. In the case of companies that need to speed up their commercial representatives, but can not count on the effectiveness of the Internet, we can use that alternative.


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