Sometimes, we want to take a look at the contents of the file, without having to use it. How to use iCloud in the Outlook application on the PC
Setting up an email account in Outlook, most of the time, is a simple task and does not require a lot of work. But in the case of iCloud, the user needs to make several manual adjustments in order to use Apple’s email in the Microsoft application.
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If you have no idea how to do that, check out the tutorial and learn how to synchronize an iCloud email account in Outlook 2013. The suggestion also applies to the latest version of the suite of applications and earlier Microsoft issues. Loaded in your browser and exit the Google Drive screen. To do this, select the item and press the “p” key: a preview of the document will be displayed.

As you can see, Google Drive has keyboard shortcuts for almost anything and can help you better utilize the service. Do you want to access all shortcuts directly from Google Drive? Next, select the sequence on the keyboard:?, Shift + / or Ctrl + /.

Step 1. Open the Outlook application and go to the “File” menu, located in the upper left corner of the window. In it, click on “Add account”;

Step 2. In the window that opens, check the option “Manual configuration or additional server types” and click “Next”;

Step 3. Next, check the “POP or IMAP” option and go again;

Step 4. Enter your name and e-mail from iCloud. The other options should remain as they are in the following image. Then click on “More configurations …”;

Step 5. On the “Outgoing server” tab, check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”;

Step 6. Now, in the “Advanced” tab, change the port number of the IMAP and SMTP server to “993” and “587”, respectively. Select “SSL” and “Auto” in “Use the next type of encrypted connection”. After making the adjustments, click “OK”;
(Photo: Reproduction / Helito Bijora)
(Photo: Reproduction / Helito Bijora)

Step 7. Finally, returning to the previous screen, click “Next” and wait until Outlook performs the necessary tests and synchronize your iCloud account with the application.
Ready! With these tips, you can receive and send emails to your iCloud account using Microsoft Outlook on Windows.
Dropbox works again; The data of the users of the cloud are conserved

After a series of technical difficulties in recent days, the Dropbox returned to normal operation. In a more recent update of its official blog on Sunday (12), the company revealed that the problems were resolved and confirmed that there was no leakage of user data.

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The problems began to occur on Friday (10), when many users had difficulty accessing the cloud. Later, rumors began that the servers of the site had been hacked by hackers and that data could be emptied. However, Dropbox denied the attack.
“The problems were caused by the maintenance of internal routine, not by external factors, it is a false news that the user’s data has been compromised,” said a status update of the Dropbox, on Friday.

The issue is that the maintenance lasted longer than expected. Throughout the weekend, there was instability in the cloud service. Only at the end of Sunday, the system returned to normal. Now all users can use Dropbox again. The files remain intact, authorities said. “Your files were safe all the time, thanks for the patience,” says Dropbox.

What happened?
In a more detailed publication on their technology blog, the developers explain what happened: a maintenance to update the operating system of the server machine occurred on Friday. During the process, an error in the script generated a reinstallation command on some machines, and this caused the cloud to come out of nowhere.

But, these servers do not have user data and, therefore, there was no relationship with that content. They are used only to provide other resources, such as sharing photos, but not to store the data. Due to the large volume of information, the backup was slow, so it took so long for the website to again on the weekend.


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