We are not living too many environments. Take care of photos, hashtags and blog posts every time. Our environment is so extreme that it is surrounded by white noise that has become too much material.

Most of this content is weak. We can not do our best and it is completely inaccurate in the worst situation. Publication before the published audience, despite the high content, it is necessary to reduce white noise and it is harder and harder. As a result, your attention is decreasing rapidly and 55% of users who click on this site can read it in 15 seconds.

Material consumption policy

Content Consumption Policy It is very difficult to gather in mind how much material is generated. Approximately 2 million blog posts are published every day and 400 hours are uploaded to YouTube videos per hour per day.

Users share a lot of content every day and can have 1.3 million pieces per minute. This is not our attention when sitting in front of a computer. They can come with mobile phones, watches, refrigerators and televisions.

Notifications are recommended for reading certain content.

With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data, these devices are constantly connected. All these devices can display content in many applications.

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Content consumption: mobile phones, digital support, voice search and more

Dennis Shao

Challenges for content owners

This continuous and incessant access is not entirely readable by readers and companies and content owners. Content authors must now try every browser is correct in all types of devices. We should have messages that respect our mobile blog and friendly and cooler.

In these situations, it is increasingly difficult to receive information and receive a website that is difficult to distribute information. That’s why our content and results are very limited.

The future of the ingredient

Future content is a fast future. Without preventative action, your business will be delayed soon. We are already seeing important advances in technology, which will determine the future of content. Some are used regularly. It will be soon

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is remote and remote sounds, but I’m already using it. Siri Apple responded in a safe way to humans. Google has built a self-propelled vehicle.

Many sites can already set up chat rooms on pages and Facebook Messenger, fast customer service, personal advice and content signing.

What do you think of the CMS?

“Did you prepare the future of the material?”

In order for you to constantly get the powerful, personal and interesting content creation you need to focus on CMS material solutions. This lets you brand your stories naturally and properly. Rights CMS brings structured content closer. It separates content and interface, so that there is no link to the site.

They do not use any view of organized content by anyone. There is a change and there will be a way to create a lot of thought and content. But the future is coming and it depends on the success of our business. We fight, prepare and move forward to survive.

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