The cloud is already a reality for many companies, even those of small and medium size. Day after day, more entrepreneurs migrate their businesses, databases and operations for cloud computing services.

Although the advantages and ease of use of this technology are many, its implementation and maintenance are not necessarily simple enough for anyone to take care of it.

Many companies pay fortunes in cloud services that offer full support and hire additional IT professionals or even outsourced teams to handle this innovation. Part of the objectives of a cloud migration are lost, with the remaining high costs and an even higher level of managerial complexity.

For this reason, some of the biggest players in the world in the IT services of the company.


The services provided by the so-called “cloud log” are a model that provides the best solution advice, support and manages all the infrastructure and technical aspects of a cloud-based system.

The delivery of services in this mode also begins to plan the migration and adoption of a cloud infrastructure, change management, and continues indefinitely, solving problems, supporting the company in the use of platforms and making changes whenever necessary. Wide and varied experience is an indispensable necessity in the case of advice in cloud computing – there is generally no room for failures in systems of that nature, and improvisation and amateur are risks that a company can not execute.

Of course, anyone can hire an online cloud computing service – however, configure, manipulate and do it completely for your company is more than five hundred.

The cloud consulting contracts, in addition to helping in the search for the best solution for your company, in the implementation and migration, has several other advantages.

Advantages of the cloud consultant in contracting services in the computig cloud:

Accelerate the migration process from servers and physical systems to virtual systems in the cloud.

Improve processes and operations, optimizing and monitoring local hardware and software and the cloud platform.

Reduce operational and partial costs resulting from the local management of cloud computing platforms.

Eliminate common problems when deploying a cloud architecture.

Planning and reports

Technical problems, complex IT routines and support phone calls are turned into practical reports and action plans in the cloud consultant model. The client company migrates its systems to the cloud and makes use of the new platforms, but does not directly support the burden of maintaining and configuring those systems – which offers a return on agility and costs and an optimal way to improve work productivity.

The programming architects that provide this type of service, for the most part, have certifications in the systems to be implemented, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce and others. More focused and experienced in the cloud computing architecture than internal IT professionals, these “advisors” perform a series of tasks within the scope of the cloud counselor, including:

Scope of the advisory tasks of a cloud computing service:

Implementation and development of projects.

Creation of prototypes and systems for tests.

Governance in IT

Reports and platform diagnostics.

Innovations in operations and approaches.

Strategic plans in cloud computing.

Rationalization of resources.

Systems architecture.

Suggestion of new software, systems and frameworks.

With all the expert-driven management, your company can focus on key KPI analysis related to the use of IT and the cloud, as well as ROI cost reporting. Thus, with more time for the main business of your company, the management of teams and the management of activities become much more agile.


How does the Cloud Advisor work?

The cloud consultant is not just a migration to cloud computing services.

It works in different stages, starting with the identification of needs so that there is an improved migration to the online systems in the cloud.

From the surveys, a plan is designed so that the correct options are transferred in terms of cloud computing services.

The implementation, when conducted with a cloud consulting service, depends on continuous support, mitigating the impacts that may occur during the migration and providing the necessary contingencies for the customer’s operations to get used to the new routine.

After the implementation, unlike other migration options, the support does not end. Continuous consulting continues to identify new solutions and modifications that can make cloud computing systems more convenient, optimized and customized for the client’s processes.

The cloud consultant operates under continuous process improvement values, with uninterrupted monitoring of the efficiency of the platform and actions taken in case of loss of quality or performance.


In summary, it is possible to say that the cloud consultant model makes the migration to cloud and cloud computing services just another corporate decision, to be operated by professionals specialized in platforms with constant information flows.

What defines a good cloud counselor?

As the term itself may seem new, even before you can adhere to this new trend, you need to know what is important: what makes a cloud consultant a competent provider?

First, the vast majority of cloud-related technologies, such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and so on, have specific certifications that demonstrate quality and level of service.

A good provider of cloud computing services has technicians with training and certification in various platforms and is licensed and certified to operate with these systems, a type of endorsement by developers, which shows that the company is able to operate and service customers with the standards and methods required and charged by the company responsible for the development of these technologies.

Another interesting way to mark your hiring, as happens in other segments, is the existence of good service cases.

A cloud counselor is a provider capable of generating large structural changes in the IT area of ​​any business. Such cases, to identify a better level of service, should include data and information on productivity gains and cost savings – perhaps the two factors that most “push” new customers to the cloud today.


Specialists in various IT areas and even other support segments, cloud computing, seals and cloud certifications, successful and memorable, consistent with the cloud technology sector – everything that defines a full service cloud advisor and really useful for your company.

More than an “outsourced IT team”, the key aspect of a good cloud advisory service is intelligence – creating new processes, conducting consistent analysis and experiments, and always looking for results.

An example of successful implementation of cloud computing services occurred with the Julietto Group, where internal communication and between teams did not share and distribute agile information, mainly with the matrix. From this point of view, it has been suggested to use G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work), which allows centralizing easily editable and shared documents, integrating the various units and the matrix in an agile way.


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